The Best TOTUM Discounts For You Based On Your Star Sign

Overwhelmed by the number of discounts out there? Here are the best TOTUM discounts for you based on your star sign...

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Best Discounts for Each Star Sign

If you've bagged yourself a TOTUM membership but don't know where to start with the hundreds of fantastic offers and discounts up for grabs, fear not!

We thought we'd make things a little easier by shouting out some of the discounts we'd recommend to each star sign depending on their particular interests and characteristics - enjoy!


Aries (20th March-19th April) 

If you’re an Aries, you’re full of energy, bold, independent and ambitious. According to Astrologers, every astrological sign assimilates the lessons experienced by the signs that come before it – both moments of joy and hardships. Therefore, since Aries is the first sign, there is no passed down wisdom to guide them.

They enter life eager, confident and headfirst. A true fire sign, you naturally love vibrance, adventure and competition, which is reflected in your hobbies and interests. From loud music to intense sport and thrill-seeking activities, you seize the day and are driven by your passion for life. Having this much assertion, Aries, means you need to blow off some steam - why not check out Decathlon where you can find all the equipment you’d need for an adrenaline-filled weekend, and enjoy up to 50% off with TOTUM

Taurus (20th April-20th May) 

A Taurus at their core is ultimately chill AF. Unbothered, you prioritise comfort and pleasure. Just like the Bull that represents you, you’d be happy spending the day slow, grazing and in comfort.

Your natural sensuality means that you also value luxury and taking time to indulge yourself in activities to feed the mind and soul. Because you are at your happiest when you’re in a harmonious environment, it serves you to invest time in self-care and enhancing the ambiance and aesthetics of your home. Find yourself a cosy corner and tuck into the Candle Making Kit by noah - enjoying 12% off with your TOTUM discount!

Relaxing is what you do best Taurus. 


Gemini (21st May-20th June) 

Hey Gemini! Famous for your childlike curiosity, your mind is a sponge and you want to soak up as much knowledge as you can.

In fact, Gemini was so captivated by its numerous pursuits that it felt compelled to duplicate itself, which is why this air sign is represented by the Twin. Your adaptability and innate zest for life sees you thriving in social situations whilst your inquisitive and intelligent mind desires to be intellectually stimulated.

However, you move fast and struggle to keep your focus on the same thing for a while. That's why you’ll love the online courses provided by the Centre of Excellence, from Aromatherapy to Calligraphy. Master any new endeavour and enjoy 70% off with TOTUM! 

Cancer (21st June-22nd July) 

Cancers are the ultimate zodiac homebody. Compassionate, caring and protective, you value loyalty and commitment and find joy in nurturing yourself and those around you. From gardening to baking, creating a comforting atmosphere is what keeps you happy and at peace.

Literally represented by the crab, your home is your shell, and it is important to you that you feel safe there. You celebrate your love for all things domestic in activities which promote relaxation as well as those which contribute to the smooth functioning of your household.

That being said, your love of stability does not equate to a love of repetition. Sometimes it’s good to mix things up and try new things, Cancer. Which is why you should try HelloFresh, which fulfils your love for cooking but introduces you to new recipes to spice things up. Plus, with 65% off your first box it’s a no brainer! 


Leo (23rd July-22nd August) 

You’re the star of the show, Leo. And you love it! Royalty of the astrological world, you have an appetite for self-development and expect your achievements to be recognised and praised. Your raging ambition is magnetic; you are capable of captivating a room in an instance with your contagious charisma and charm.

The natural performer of the zodiac, Leo loves to showcase their talents and thrives when in the spotlight. Leadership skills are also an important attribute to you, with your genuine desire to succeed and uplift those around you meaning you make for an unstoppable leader. You can master any hobby you set your mind to, and socialising is no challenge.

Since you love to host friends and family, be the centre of attention as the hostess with the mostess next time you have people over and impress with expert cocktails from Cocktail Delivery - get 15% off with TOTUM here!

Virgo (23rd August-22nd September) 

Hey there perfect... It’s true that Virgos are recognised in the celestial world for their natural inclination towards perfectionism. Your persistence and consistency is admirable, Virgo. You live your life by being systematic and methodical and have a deep aspiration to be flawless in everything you do. No small feat for anyone, but your precision and determination mean you rarely leave things on your to-do list unfinished.

Virgos like to feel useful and have a nurturing nature. However, you are typically more introverted and cherish solitude and tend to be one of the more reserved signs. You take a while to warm up Virgo, but your intentions are pure - it can just take longer for you to let your guard down. Organisation and planning make you feel secure, so treat yourself with some lush new stationary from Papier (with 15% off orders over £25) and get all your 2024 plans scheduled in! 

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Libra (23rd September-22nd October) 

Libras are symbolised astrologically by the scales, which well represents their desire in life for balance. Companionship is meaningful to this sign - keen socialites, they are sometimes named people pleasers. Excellent at mediating, you seek harmony and love to make friends with those around you.

You also have an eager eye for all things art, beauty and fashion and take pride in how you present yourself, Libra. You feel your best when you’re in your fave outfit, often expressing your mood through your clothes. But you are renowned for being indecisive, with decisions being difficult for you as you spend so long weighing out each option.

Hopefully this discount will relieve you of having to be selective whilst satisfying your inner fashionista. Enjoy up to 80% off PLUS an extra 10% off at boohoo

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November) 

If you’re a Scorpio, you have an intense and passionate temperament paired with a fascination for life and its many mysteries. Your focus and resilience makes you a powerful force, and you enjoy using your critical mind to uncover hidden truths within the world.

Solving problems, researching and dedicating time to exploring spiritual or self-help practices are all activities that seize your attention. Always aware of the dog-eat-dog world out there, you carefully use your strong intuition to guide you.

Once someone has gained your trust though, Scorpio, you exhibit unwavering loyalty and value deep connections which stimulate your intellect. You love your own company and a favourite pastime is to stick your head into a good book, so why not feed that hungry mind and choose from millions of books available on Amazon Kindle with your free 30-day trial?!


Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December) 

Sag, you are renowned for your adventurous attitude and optimistic demeanour. You seek spontaneity and freedom and have a lust for gaining new experiences and meeting new people. Your infectious enthusiasm means you make friends easily; embracing life and learning about everything you can on the way is what brings you joy.

A true lover of diversity, you radiate positivity. People struggle to keep up with you as you’re always off on your next quest.

Long story short, you are your happiest when embarking on an adventure and get-away, so why not take advantage of 15% off at National Express and earn cash back with TOTUM to make big savings when touring around the country. 

Capricorn (22nd December-19th January)  

Capricorns are lovers of structure. You are characterised by your strong will, incredible work ethic and disciplined nature. You are dedicated to achieving your goals and do so in a steady and healthy manner, motivated by stability, success and security.

Being the last earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns are anchored and have an uncomplicated attitude - basically, you get sh*t done.

In your free time, Capricorn, you like to recharge and nurture yourself. You know there’s no way anyone can be that successful and driven without some down time to refresh yourself. To do so, you seek comfort in creative and organisational tasks which ground you.

Why not try some flower arranging - we all know you’ll have the best bouquets in town! Pick a beautiful vase or even try some more home decorating using your TOTUM discount at BHS.  


Aquarius (20th January-18th February) 

Aquarians are the progressive sign. Unapologetically themselves, they are known for their innovative and forward-thinking outlook and rarely shy away from trying out the newest things. Your originality and confidence mean that you are the trend setters; people are drawn to your proud quirkiness and your capability to not conform with such ease.

You are truly free-spirited, you celebrate individuality and reject anything that makes you feel restricted – freedom is very important to you. You show keen interest in cutting-edge technologies and new ideas, welcoming the unknown with a big smile.

Change isn’t scary for you, Aquarius. Because of this, many Aquarians are lovers of gadgets and find technology fascinating, which is why you should treat yourself to a new device or tech accessory with 15% off Tech21

Pisces (19th February-20th March)  

Hi there dreamy! Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, has learnt all the previous lessons passed down from its predecessors, which makes it the most emotionally in touch, empathetic and understanding sign.

You are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions which symbolises Pisces constant flux between reality and fantasy. The most creative sign, Pisces often have their head in the clouds daydreaming of other realms - you're a true escapist.

Your kind nature is demonstrated through your compassion and sensitivity towards others and your medium of choice is the arts, which is where you can express all your emotions and fantastical desires.

You value spirituality and have a thirst for discovering deeper meaning in all areas of your life. Sometimes all these feelings can become overwhelming though, Pisces, and you deserve a retreat. Book yourself into a spa with your TOTUM Spabreaks discount and chill in the jacuzzi. You’re a water sign for a reason!  

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