Fortune Teller Nostradamus Has Made Four Chilling Predictions For 2024

The legendary fortune teller has made a number of eerie predictions for 2024... Aren't we due a break!?

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Back in the 16th century, famed French astrologer, Michel de Nostradame, made a whole host of worldly predictions - many of which have seemingly come to fruition… 

According to Yearly-Horoscope, 70% of his predictions actually came true, including the death of Henry II in 1559, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and references to John F. Kennedy's assassination (though some of these predictions were vague, to say the least).

In more recent years, people have pointed towards yet more of the fortune teller's prophecies, with many saying he correctly predicted both the death of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the soaring cost of living affecting everything from food to fuel, with his grim prediction: ‘So high will the bushel of wheat rise / That man will be eating his fellow man’.


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So, what has Nostradamus predicted for 2024?

1. Climate Breakdown 


There’s little arguing that old Nostradamus is pretty close to the point on this one. Numerous data sources show global average temperatures, storms, wildfires and other extreme weather events all on the rise.

‘The dry earth will grow more parched,’ he predicts in one quatrain, ‘and there will be great floods’.

Elsewhere, he warns of ‘Very great famine through pestiferous wave’, maybe a reference to tsunamis destroying agriculture and allowing disease and starvation to take hold. 

2. Confrontation with China?


There’s little disputing that China is now a global powerhouse, with many suggesting that its rivalry with the United States amounts to a new ‘Cold War’.

But what would it take to turn that cold war into an actual conflict? Well there’s a few lines by Nostradamus that could well point to this development. 

In a quatrain which opens with a vision of ‘combat and naval battle’, the fortune teller writes: ‘Red adversary will become pale with fear / Putting the great Ocean in dread.’

People are pointing to ‘red adversary’ as a reference to communist China, and the rest as a naval confrontation…

3. Royal Problems?


In his book, bestselling Nostradamus commentator Mario Reading asserted that Nostradamus foresaw the death of Queen Elizabeth II in the year 2022 - something it has to be said that many people dispute! 

Nostradamus also refers to someone he calls the ‘King of the Isles’, a future who has had a controversial divorce and is ‘driven out by force’ to be replaced by ‘one who will have no mark of a king’.

In Reading’s analysis, he claims this points to King Charles III being forced to abdicate due to ‘persistent attacks on both himself and his second wife’, and Harry - the man who has ‘no mark of a king’ - taking the crown as opposed to William.

Given all the goings on of the last few years, this does seem pretty unlikely, but Nostradamus’ words do suggest some kind of tumult involving the new king…

4. A new pope?


Currently in his mid-80s, Pope Francis has suffered health problems in recent times. Could we be looking at a change in the Holy See? Nostradamus tackles this subject directly in one quatrain, and it doesn’t bode well for the Catholic Church.

‘Through the death of the very old Pontiff / A Roman of good age will be elected,’ he writes. While the arrival of a younger, vigorous Pope sounds like a good thing, Nostradamus immediately goes on to say that the new leader will ‘weaken his see’, and that he will be Pope for a long time.

The exact meaning of ‘weaken’ is of course open to debate. Does he mean the influence of the church will somehow lessen or is some greater scandal on the way?

* According to figures from the Spring 2023 TOTUM customer satisfaction survey.

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