Fresh Warning Issued To People With 'Dodgy' Fire Sticks

Warning issued to those using 'dodgy' Amazon Fire Sticks as authorities crackdown on illegal streaming...

Written byHolly Barrow
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Let's be honest, we all know somebody with a 'dodgy' Amazon Fire Stick - also known as 'jailbroken' - which essentially means the Amazon device has been illegally adjusted to bypass restrictions...

These illegal versions of Amazon’s popular device offer users access to countless live channels and streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Sky Sports and more without paying for subscriptions.

In the UK, illegal streaming via IPTV or these modified sticks is widespread, but authorities are ramping up their efforts to curb this activity.


Nationwide, enforcement agencies are cracking down on this behaviour, with some individuals even being questioned by the police.

So if you're currently using one of these illegal devices or streaming content unlawfully, it’s strongly advised to stop immediately.

“Why take the risk?” asks Barrister Lynette Calder, who explained that the penalties vary depending on the severity of the offense, but a magistrate could impose an unlimited fine.

In more serious cases involving a jailbroken Fire Stick, offenders could face up to 12 months in prison.

"For more severe and organised crimes tried in Crown Court, the maximum penalty can be up to 10 years in prison under section 7, or 5 years under section 6,” Calder noted.

“Why risk it? If you can’t afford the streaming service for Premier League, consider going to a pub where you can enjoy the game and a pint, instead of facing a £2,500 fine."


Intellectual property lawyer Samuel O’Toole told MailOnline about the legal repercussions related to copyright infringement. "Using a 'jailbroken' Fire Stick infringes copyright by accessing content without paying the appropriate license fee,” he stated.

"Copyrighted material is the personal property of its creator and owner and cannot be used without their permission."

O’Toole mentioned that while a ‘significant penalty’ could be up to 10 years in prison, this would typically apply to ‘criminal gangs and major offenders.’

"However, a home streamer could be taken to the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court, facing potential costs of £60,000, plus the other side's costs and compensation if they lose,” he said.

"Companies will assess whether the infringer has sufficient funds and assets before pursuing such a case."

So, while the chances of imprisonment are slim, you could still face substantial financial losses or forfeiture of your possessions.

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