Netflix Confirms Series 7 Of Black Mirror Is On Its Way

Netflix Confirms Series 7 Of Black Mirror Is On Its Way

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In epic TV news, it has been confirmed that a seventh season of dystopian sci-fi show Black Mirror will be out next year!

Created by writer and satirist Charlie Brooker, the show - which was bought by Netflix in 2015 after first airing on Channel 4 in 2011 - has cemented itself as a fan favourite.

Released last year season six delivered five new stories and a stellar cast featuring Aaron Paul, Michael Cera and Salma Hayek Pinault, Himesh Patel, Monica Dolan, Rob Delaney and Paapa Essiedu.

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum platform, Brooker said: “I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people — and myself — or else what’s the point?

“It should be a series that can’t be easily defined, and can keep reinventing itself.

“Partly as a challenge, and partly to keep things fresh for both me and the viewer, I began this season by deliberately upending some of my own core assumptions about what to expect.

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“Consequently, this time, alongside some of the more familiar Black Mirror tropes we’ve also got a few new elements, including some I’ve previously sworn blind the show would never do, to stretch the parameters of what a Black Mirror episode even is.

“The stories are all still tonally Black Mirror through-and-through, but with some crazy swings and more variety than ever before.”

So what can we expect from series 7? Well, information is thin on the ground as yet, but it does seem that of the six promised episodes one will be a sequel to the season four episode 'USS Callister'.

“Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning,” Netflix said.

The episode saw Daly secretly acquire the DNA of his co-workers to create digital avatars for a Star Trek-esque simulation with himself as the crew’s leader.

Following its release on the streaming service, Brooker spoke exclusively to Digital Spy about the episode's ending and whether he might revisit the characters.

“They're in what we call 'JJ Land' at the end. They go through the wormhole and end up in JJ Abrams lens-flare land,” he said. “We don't rule out revisiting them, so we could. But you'd have to have a really good idea.”

All 28 episodes of Black Mirror are available to stream on Netflix, but if you want access to even more great TV, don’t forget that TOTUM members can get six-month’s Amazon Prime for FREE!

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