Cadbury Is Giving Away £10,000 To Creme Egg Fans This Easter

£10,000 just for eating Creme Eggs? Where do I sign up!?

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With Easter now just a week away, don’t miss your last chance to win some huge prizes including £10,000 in cash by taking part in the Cadbury egg hunt!

And what better way to give yourself a chance of bagging some serious money than stocking up on that Easter classic, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs?

With just over 300 Cadbury Creme Eggs out there worth varying amounts, it seems like the best way to up your chances of winning is to buy multiple Creme Eggs - tough, we know, but worst case scenario, even if you don’t win you still have a treat to tuck into.

To check if you’re a winner you’ll need to keep an eye out when you open your Creme Egg for the special half-white chocolate, half-milk chocolate version. If you do find one of these rarities, be sure to unwrap it carefully and find the ticket inside which will tell you how to claim your prize.


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There are 306 winning eggs out there, all with different values ranging from £50 all the way up to just four that contain the £10,000 grand prizes.

The winning Creme Eggs have been distributed far and wide across the UK and will be popping up at big supermarkets as well as small convenience stores. The list of where you can expect to find the winning eggs hidden and what prizes they contain is below:

  • Waitrose: 13 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 2 x £500 and 3 x £50)

  • Iceland: 5 winning eggs (2 x £1,000, 1 x £500 and 2 x £50)

  • Morrisons: 29 single winning eggs and 3 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £5,000, 4 x £1,000, 7 x £500 and 20 x £500)

  • Tesco: 48 winning single eggs and 5 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 7 x £500 and 44 x £50)

  • Co op: 40 winning single eggs and 5 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £10,000, 5 x £500 and 39 x £50)

  • Asda: 61 winning single eggs and 10 winnings eggs in a multipack (1 x £1,000, 20 x £500 and 50 x £100)

  • Sainsbury’s: 34 winning single eggs and 4 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £10,000, 10 x £500, 27 x £500)B&M: 2 winning eggs (2 x £1,000)

  • One Stop: 4 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 1 x £500 and 2 x £50)

  • Booths: 2 winning eggs (2x £1,000)

  • Booker/BRP: 6 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 2 x £500 and 3 x £50)

  • Independent corner shops: 30 winning eggs (1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 3 x £500 and 25 x £50)

At this point it’s worth reminding you that if you want to earn money back when you’re buying your Creme Eggs, sign up to TOTUM Cashback to get money back every time you shop at supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, M&S and more - as well as other stores including Primark, Ikea, Waterstones, B&Q, Boots. In total there’s over 80 brands on there and we’re adding more all the time.

Find out more and apply for TOTUM Cashback here.

Back to the really important stuff though - Cadbury’s Creme Eggs will only be on shelves until the end of March, so you’ve only got this week to bag your prize - and if you do happen to win, don’t forget to claim your prize by the 31st of May.

Happy Creme Egg hunt!

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