Most Instagrammable Pancake Toppings: Pancake Day 2024

Pancake Day is fast approaching, check out some of our favourite toppings...

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When is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) falls on Tuesday 13th February this year.

How is Pancake Day celebrated?

Traditionally, Pancake Day exists in order for Christians to use up all their rich, tasty cupboard foods such as flour, milk, sugar and eggs prior to start of the Lent fasting period.

Pancake Day is celebrated all over the world and making pancakes for breakfast or dinner with friends and family is standard practice for the day.

Pancakes have been a popular item at brunch spots for many years now, with there being all sorts of eye catching and delicious toppings and recipes out there.


Why not recreate some of these fun recipes at home this year? Here are some of our faves...

1. Caramelised Banana & Rum Pancakes

This gorgeous recipe is everything you could ask for in a pancake - sticky, sweet and spiced.

The golden-brown bananas are deep in flavour due to the caramelisation, with that slight crunch and gooey middle they pair perfectly with the spicy, oaky rum.

This pancake recipe is an indulgent collaboration of textures and flavours and also photographs beautifully, landing it at the top of our list of most Instagrammable toppings!

Check out this recipe from Waitrose, you don't want to miss this one out!


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2. Pistachio & White Chocolate

If you've read our blog post on the pistachio craze, then you know how much this little green nut is having its moment right now... And for good reason!

That's why we couldn't leave out a pistachio pancake recipe.

The mild yet nutty and buttery flavour is to die for and paired with its luxurious green colour and the crunchy texture of crushed pistachios on top, it's a delicious topping for your pancakes this Pancake Day.

Try out this pistachio pancake recipe on TikTok, which uses pistachio flour, making it also gluten-free!


In the video by @Tashcakes, melted pistachio cream is drizzled over the pancakes, which sure is dreamy. However, if you want an equally as delicious and more accessible alternative, try drizzling over melted white chocolate! YUM!!

3. Homemade Berry Compote & Crumbled Chocolate Honeycomb

Whipping up a homemade berry compote for your pancakes is easier than you might expect. All it requires is 10 minutes of your time, some sugar or sweetener (maple syrup is great in this), a couple packs of berries and lemon juice!

This berry compote recipe is great and simple to follow. We recommend making American style pancakes for this recipe, the fluffier the better!

Crumble some chocolate coated honeycomb bites on top for that ultimate mouth watering experience. The crystallised honey with the tart but sweet homemade compote makes for a tantalising combination - your tastebuds will thank me!

Plus, this recipe can be presented beautifully, and certainly won't be an eyesore on your Instagram feed this Pancake Day...

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4. Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate

Who doesn't love salted caramel? If heaven was a sauce - this would be it. It's hard not to get lost in its sickly sweetness which, pierced with the sea salt, makes for an addictive phenomenon.

We recommend adding dark chocolate to the pancake mix in order to add a touch of that decadent and intense cocoa flavour and velvety, melted texture.

Both American fluffy pancakes and light, crispy crepe style pancakes work well for this choice of toppings, however do consider that chocolate chips will work better in a thicker pancake. If you want to opt for crepes, melt the dark chocolate instead, so you can drizzle overtop.


Sainsburys has a legendary salted caramel sauce in its Taste The Difference range, making this recipe super easy - and remember to take advantage of that cashback on offer!

Further enhance the appearance of this topping by adding fresh fruit like raspberries or slice strawberries and a big dollop of whipped cream.

5. Eggs Royale

If savoury is more your thing or you fancy a savoury option before moving on to the dessert pancakes, we've got just the recipe for you.

Why not put a spin on the brunch favourite Eggs Royale and serve it with savoury pancakes (simply omit the sugar in your standard pancake recipe). Check out this M&S recipe here.

Eggs and salmon are some of the healthiest choices out there and are both filled with healthy fats, proteins and vitamins, so this is a great option if you're trying to stick to a high protein diet!

Plus, one thing I'm sure Instagram stories on a Sunday have taught you is how aesthetically pleasing this dish is - people can't help themselves from filming the breaking of that poached orange yolk at brunch!


The decadent peachy tone of the gorgeous smoked salmon topped with silky yellow hollandaise sauce and garnished with zingy green chives gives this dish an elegant yet distinct and eye-catching appearance.

Plus it's YUM! Try and get wild caught smoked salmon if you can - you'll find it at Sainsburys, M&S and Waitrose.

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6. Duck Pancakes

Right, you might be a little confused because despite the name, these 'pancakes' are more like wraps - consisting of bread dough ingredients.

But, hear us out, we love duck pancakes and what a fun way to mix up your Pancake Day this year!

Plus, the pancakes themselves are SUPER easy to make - consisting of just flour and water - so if you're allergic to eggs or just fancy something bursting with delicious Chinese flavours, be sure to give this a go.

Waitrose have made it very simple for you, providing pre-shredded, free range duck and a Hoisin sauce. They even sell the actual pancakes too if you're short for time or don't fancy doing some proper cooking (but what's the fun in that!)

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