You Can Get Paid £2,500 Just For Eating Crisps

Sound like a bit of you?

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If you could do with an extra £2,500 hitting your bank account right about now - and who couldn’t - then this could be just the opportunity for you…

And if you’re a fan of the elite snack that is a bag of crisps, then you’re in double luck, as all you have to do to be in with a chance of that £2,500 being all yours is to treat yourself!

Whether you’re a cheese and onion fanatic, more of a classic ready salted fan, or like to feel fancy with a packet of prawn cocktail, Walkers is currently offering cash prizes to anyone who buys a bag of crisps.

If this is all music to your ears but you’re wondering what the catch is, then the good news is that there isn’t one! All you really need to do is buy a bag of Walkers.


So if you’re heading out for your meal deal anytime soon, make sure you pick up a bag of crisps as your side, rather than chocolate or a different snack.

In more good news, if you happen to be hitting Sainsbury’s or Asda for your bag of Walkers, did you know that if you sign up for TOTUM Cashback you’ll get cash back every time you shop there!

There’s over 80 brands on TOTUM Cashback including M&S, Primark, Ikea, John Lewis, Boots, B&Q, Waterstones and more, with some places offering up to 14% cash back!

You can find out more about TOTUM Cashback and apply here.

But, anyway, back to the crisps… Loads of flavours are included in the promotion so even if you’re a bit fussy, you can take your pick from these:

  • Walkers Baked Sea Salt

  • Walkers Baked Cheese & Onion

  • Walkers Baked Variety 6pk

  • Walkers Lightly Salted

  • Walkers Mild Cheese & Onion

  • Walkers Dash of Salt and Vinegar

  • Walkers Delicate Prawn Cocktail

  • Walkers Ready Salted

  • Walkers Cheese & Onion

  • Walkers Salt and Vinegar

  • Walkers Variety 6pk

  • Walkers Prawn Cocktail

  • Walkers Variety 12pk

  • Walkers Meaty 12pk

  • Walkers Vegan Grilled Cheese Toastie

  • Walkers Vegan Flame Grilled Steak

  • WalkersVegan BBQ Pork Rib


Once you’ve got your crisps you’ll just nee to scan the QR code on the packet or head over to the competition page.

Enter the unique code on your crisp packet as well as your personal details and pick your favourite flavour from ready salted, cheese and onion, prawn cocktail, or salt and vinegar.

Once you’ve done this you can enter for the chance to win £2,500. Ten winners will be selected from now until July, so there’s loads of time to to enter - and you can enter as many times as you like!

You can find out more about the competition here

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