How To Achieve The Clean Girl Aesthetic In 2024 With TOTUM

Ready to achieve the 'Clean Girl aesthetic' in 2024? Here's how you can get the look for less with TOTUM...

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What is the 'Clean Girl Aesthetic'?

The ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ is a trend that became popularised via TikTok and Instagram in 2022 and idealises a clean, sleek, effortless and natural look paired with a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Characterised by dainty hoop earrings, slicked back hair, glossy lips, glowing skin, elegant nails and minimal makeup, the Clean Girl aesthetic is widely associated with the ‘model off duty’ look, with notable celebrities who have inspired the trend including Hailey Bieber, Matilda Djerf and Bella Hadid.

The trend has gained over 4 billion views on TikTok, with creators sharing their Clean Girl aesthetic makeup looks, skin and hair care routines and organisational videos.  


How to achieve the 'Clean Girl' skincare routine

Skincare is at the forefront of every Clean Girl’s routine. With an emphasis on self-care and natural beauty, the objective is to look fresh faced and radiant. In order to achieve this, a good skincare routine is essential. Skincare these days can be daunting, especially when there’s so much conflicting advice and different recommendations everywhere.  

Sometimes the simpler the better; having just a handful of effective products which you can rely on means that your skin is getting what it needs without overcomplicating things. A good cleanser, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and an SPF are all it takes to glow up your skin routine.  

To keep things super straightforward and effortless, The INKEY LIST have launched an Intro Routine which has you covered in all of these areas. This set includes an Oat Cleansing Balm to cleanse and remove makeup, Hyaluronic Acid Serum to keep skin looking and feeling supple and youthful, Caffeine Eye Cream to wake those eyes up and leave you looking refreshed, Omega Water Cream for ultimate oil-free hydration and Dewy SPF 30 to ensure your skin is as protected as it is gorgeous. Who knew skincare could be so easy?!

Best of all, with your TOTUM discount you can enjoy 10% off at THE INKEY LIST, saving you approximately £3.50 off this set!

How to get the 'Clean Girl' makeup look


Once you have your skincare sorted, it’s time for makeup.

Clean Girl makeup is characterised by dewy, healthy-looking skin, fluffy, natural eyebrows, a soft blush and glossy lips. The whole 'no-makeup makeup' look is really emphasised here. Rather than a full-coverage foundation, opt for a skin tint or lighter foundation instead.

The Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation is the perfect base for this look, leaving your skin hydrated whilst providing buildable coverage so you can keep it natural looking. Also, be sure to check out the liquid blush range (the Beauty Light Wand in the shade Pinkgasm sunset is to die for!)

To enjoy some money off when you shop at Charlotte Tilbury, make the most of 15% off full-price products with your TOTUM discount!


The aim with eyebrows is for them to look neat and fluffy, offering structure to the face in an effortless but put together way. Clean Girl eyebrows are often brushed up with eyebrow wax or gel to give a natural looking lift to the face. The NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eye Brow Gel in Clear works perfectly at keeping your eyebrows in place all day. With TOTUM, you can get 10% off with a Boots Advantage Card PLUS you can also double up with discount and cashback savings with TOTUM Cashback.

When it comes to lips, a glossy lip is a crucial step to the Clean Girl Aesthetic. Either opt for a hydrating lip oil or balm if you want to keep it really natural or try a Lip Oil Gloss for the best of both worlds, hydrating and glossy AF. MILK MAKEUP Odyssey’s Lip Oil Gloss is one to try - and make sure to take advantage of your 15% Sephora discount with TOTUM!

How to achieve the Clean Girl slick back bun

Next, you want to master the slick back bun with a good hair gel and brush. In terms of hair gels, you don’t need anything special. We love this EcoStyle Olive Oil Styling Gel, available at Boots, which will lock those pesky baby hairs in place whilst keeping your hair flake free and smooth. There are plenty of tutorials available on TikTok on how to replicate a Clean Girl slick back look, with some practice you’ll get it in no time!

'Clean Girl Aesthetic' jewellery

In terms of jewellery, this aesthetic favours classy and simple gold hoop earrings and necklaces. Understated yet polished is the goal here - whilst we love a big hoop earring, opt for small ones to keep the look classic. Here are some we found on Amazon!

With TOTUM, you can get a free six-month Amazon Prime trial as a student which = free next day delivery!

The best 'Clean Girl Aesthetic' fragrance

Finally, every Clean Girl needs a deliciously fresh perfume to compliment her look. White Linen by Estee Lauder is floral, cool, clean, crisp and fresh. Imagine freshly washed bed sheets, spring breezes and wild flowers - it's the ultimate Clean Girl scent. And make huge savings by getting 15% off at the Fragrance Shop with TOTUM - enjoy!

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