How To Survive Hangxiety: What Is Hangxiety & How To Combat It

Woken up with a pounding headache and a mind swirling with anxieties from the night before? Here are some suggestions to ease both the physical and mental discomforts that come with a hangover...

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A banging headache, dry mouth, the shakes and heavy eyes are just some of the physical symptoms we can experience after a big night on the booze. But what about the anxiety that often accompanies a hangover?

‘Hangxiety’ has become the new way of describing these negative feelings which often follow after a night out.

If you’re someone who enjoys going out and drinking with friends, I’m sure you’re no stranger to sometimes waking up the next day riddled with feelings of anxiety and dread when thinking about the night before.


For many of us, this is a recurring phenomenon, and whilst you may well have been acting bolder than usual, this next day ‘hangxiety’ is often a result of the direct impact that alcohol can have on our neurotransmitters such as serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which regulate our moods.

Rest assured, you're not alone or unusual in your desire to cosy up under your duvet and hide from the world when dealing with a hangover.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve your experience while hungover. Here are our top tips to survive hangxiety!


1. Take your vitamins and electrolytes!

First thing's first, always try to drink some water. Having a big glass or bottle by your bed ready for when you wake up is always a good idea!

While you may turn your nose up at this next suggestion, please take your vitamins! Alcohol consumption is understood to deplete certain nutrients and electrolytes in the body, leaving you feeling achey and fatigued.

B vitamins are known to boost energy levels and help feed your body and brain after a hangover, replenishing you with the lost nutrients. Here is a good all-rounder B-Complex and B-12 vitamin mix that you can save 10% on!

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Taking some electrolytes will help to rehydrate you after drinking and can aid in alleviating some of the headaches associated with a hangover. You can find these online or in store at Boots.

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2. Spend time having a nice shower or bath and do some skincare


When we’re experiencing anxiety and feeling a bit gross after a night of drinking, it’s easy to want to sit in bed and rot all day.

BUT, you’ll be surprised at how much difference getting out of bed and freshening up can make to your mindset for the day.

Doing this first thing can help to nip those negative feelings in the bud and reset the vibe, helping you to feel more positive and put together.

Hop in the shower or run a bath and use your favourite relaxing products to help soothe your head from anxieties.

Why not try the ESPA Positivity Bath and Body Oil, created by the most prestigious spa brand in the world - it's safe to say you’re in good hands for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy 20% off Cult Beauty where you can find this product (and many more) with TOTUM.

Follow up your cleanse with some skincare; even though you’re rotting on the inside doesn’t mean you can’t be glowing on the outside!

Try to include a vitamin C serum in your routine as this will help in waking your skin up, hydrating, brightening and plumping.

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3. Meet up with/call a friend (bonus points if they were at the same party the night before!)


Hanging out with a good friend when you’re feeling anxious is a great way to ease your mind.

Socialising provides distraction to help with preventing overthinking, as well as emotional support from someone who knows you well and can reassure you.

Seeing someone who was there the night before, who treats you no differently to how they would have prior to the drinks, might also reassure you that you haven't done anything wrong, you simply had fun!

From grabbing a hot drink, to ordering pizza, hang out with your bestie and try to enjoy yourself!

If you fancy a soothing matcha or herbal tea (coffee could enhance the anxiety in this instance), be sure to enjoy the benefits of Coffee Club.

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4. Eat some good food!


What better way to end your day than with some good grub? One proven way to beat a hangover is with pizza!

Okay, not necessarily true, but… it definitely helps. Eating a good carb filled and salty dinner can replenish nutrients and electrolytes, like glycogen and sodium, in your body.

Order some pizza and dedicate the rest of your day or evening to catch up on your favourite show, stick on a comforting film or get your head stuck into a good book.

A Dominos is what the doctor ordered. Satiating, easy, delicious and comforting it's definitely the way to go! Play it safe if you're feeling fragile and go for a classic Cheese and Tomato or spice things up with an American Hot if you're feeling like some spice will help snap it out of ya!

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Happy Hangover :)

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