International Self-Care Day 2024: Best Health & Wellness Brands

Ready to indulge in some much needed 'me-time' this International Self-Care Day? Here's how you can earn money back when you spend on all things self-care...

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International Self-Care Day is a global reminder of the importance of taking time for ourselves to relax and recharge. 

Celebrated on 24th July each year, it's the perfect opportunity to prioritise our wellbeing amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, and here at TOTUM we’re always looking for ways to help our members feel their very best! 

With TOTUM Cashback, you’ll find we’ve partnered with a number of brands and retailers that offer everything you need to prioritse your wellbeing - and you can earn money back each time you shop with them!


Here are some of our top brands that can help you indulge in self-care while earning cashback. Best of all, TOTUM members are able to stack up their rewards by enjoying both discounts AND cashback with some of these brands - here’s how… 

1. Healf - Earn 6% cashback

Looking for a health and wellness brand with a holistic approach to wellbeing? Healf should be on your radar! 

Supporting everything from sleep quality and nutrition to mental wellbeing, Healf offers a wide range of products and services to support your every need. With TOTUM Cashback you can earn 6% back when you spend at Healf, whether you’re stocking up on superleaf powder to support your energy levels or meditation equipment to help calm your mind. 

2. Healthy Minds Club - Earn 6% cashback

Healthy Minds Club is a personalised and proactive health and wellbeing platform which connects its members to highly qualified experts and innovative products and services to help prevent stress. 

If stress is something you struggle with, Healthy Minds Club could be the perfect investment for you this International Self-Care Day. 

You’ll gain access to professional counselling, wellness workshops, self-help tools and a supportive community network, as well as nutrition, fitness and healthcare products that are designed to alleviate stress. 

And with TOTUM Cashback, you’ll earn 6% back when you spend with Healthy Minds Club! 

mental health SLIDER

3. Boots - Earn 6% cashback PLUS get 10% discount with a Boots Advantage Card

Boots has just about everything you need to prioritise your health and wellbeing, whether you’re looking for high quality supplements or award-winning skincare brands. 

Self-care looks different for everybody - you might simply want to take some time out to have a relaxing bath and try a new face mask. Whatever it is that works for you, Boots is there to help you indulge in some me-time with its wide range of wellbeing products - from bath soaks to body butters. 

And as a TOTUM member, you can make your money go further at Boots by stacking up your rewards! 

Enjoy 10% off with TOTUM and your Boots Advantage Card AND earn 6% cashback with TOTUM Cashback. 

4. Presscription Juices - Earn 3% cashback

Presscription is a forward-thinking wellness brand dedicated to revolutionising the way we approach our overall health. With a strong emphasis on natural, plant-based ingredients and scientifically backed formulations, Presscription offers a range of products designed to enhance overall well-being. 

From cold-pressed juices and nutritious meal plans to herbal supplements and wellness programmes, each product is crafted to support a holistic lifestyle - what better way to prioritise self-care than by starting from within?!

And with your TOTUM Cashback card you’ll earn 3% cashback when you shop Presscription Juices!

healthy vegan 1

5. Lovehoney - Earn cashback and get 20% off 

It can be easy to overlook sexual wellness when we think of our overall wellbeing and taking care of ourselves, but it’s just as important… 

With Lovehoney, you’ll find all the tools (or toys) you need to lead a healthy sex life, whether that’s with a partner or solo pleasure!

From vibrators and lingerie to lubricants, you’ll not only get to enjoy 20% off when you shop at Lovehoney with your TOTUM discount, but can also earn cashback with TOTUM cashback! 

However you choose to spend this International Self-Care Day, remember the importance of prioritising your wellbeing and happiness and treat yourself to some much needed me-time.

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