Gen-Zers Baffled By Strange 'Money Rule' Millennials Use That Sets Generations Apart

I feel personally attacked.

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As if us Millennials needed anything else to feel old about, it turns out we can’t even do our online shopping properly - according to Gen Z.

The weird quirk has been highlighted by radio presenter Jennie Longdon, who revealed that those of us born between 1981 and 1996 have a key difference in our habits when it comes to 'small purchases' and 'big purchases’ - and I feel personally attacked!

Taking to her social media, Longdon pointed out that for small purchases, like a takeaway, clothes or shoes, we'll buy straight from our smartphones.

However, when it comes to 'big purchases', like plane tickets or house deposits, we need a 'big screen', i.e a laptop - or even a desktop - to complete the transaction, which I can fully agree with.

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“For a big purchase, we have to get the laptop out. Why are we like this?”Jennie said in her video. “I don't know. We cannot make a big or significant purchase on the phone. You can't browse properly.”

And it seems a lot of millennials feel the same way, with people flooding to the comments to share their experiences.

“Big purchase requires the big internet,” wrote one person. “I will literally look at the information on my phone, then go get my laptop to go to the same site to book it," a second added.

“I had to buy a new laptop just so that I could look at new cars online!” a third added.

Meanwhile, one person opened up about their horror story of trying to book a holiday on her phone.


“I booked a mini break on my phone once and I accidentally refreshed the page with my thumb midway through booking,” she said. “The hotel rang me that night and asked where I was. The form had refreshed and reverted back to today's date! And I wasn't entitled to a refund. Never again, always a laptop or desktop from now on.”

“Laptop... nope. That's a desktop job! I need a proper keyboard and a big screen if I'm booking anything,” someone else added. “And I screenshot everything in case there's no email receipt.”

Again, guilty as charged.

On the other hand, it seems Gen-Zers (born between 1997 – 2012) were dumbfounded by our ways.

“My partner bought our house all on his phone," one person wrote, while another added: “I booked flights, accommodation, and extracurriculars for four people on my phone recently.”

But of course there had to be one Millennial who bucked the trend. “I'm a millennial and I just booked my vegas hotel and flights on the phone. it’s.....fine..... I was so proud.”

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