Get Paid £300 To Upgrade To A Brand New Stunning 75” Samsung TV

There are some absolutely huge savings to be had...

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If your current tv is on the blink, you’re fed up of crowding round a laptop to watch your favourite shows or your simply on the lookout for a tv upgrade, you’ll be fully aware that good quality televisions don’t come cheap nowadays!

Picture this: lounging on the sofa soaking up the stunning visuals of your favourite movies or games on a luxurious, brand new, Samsung 75-inch tv - and now imagine that you’d been paid £300 as part of the deal…

Yep you could be basking in the smugness of having transformed your living room into a cinematic oasis with a brand new 75-inch Samsung tv while also putting some money back in your pocket!

If you're intrigued by the idea of upgrading to a cutting-edge television while earning cold hard cash, stick around and all will be explained...

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How can I get paid to upgrade my TV?

As an incentive for trying out a new model, Samsung is offering a nice trade-in deal for anyone who wants to bag themselves a new TV. The deal is available on the 2023 75″ QN900C Flagship Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV. 

As well as boasting a huge screen, there’s loads of other great features including cinematic sound, an infinity screen, and stunning visuals, making it perfect for hosting movie nights, FIFA competitions and loads more. 

The deal allows you to trade in your old tv to get a huge discount on the new one - and it doesn’t even have to be a Samsung TV that you trade in - it can be any model, but the age and original price will determine how much money you can get off, up to a maximum of £300 to put towards your new TV.


In even more good news, TOTUM members, can currently save an extra 20% on 8K Neo tvs as well as claiming up to £300 cash back - and at the time of writing Samsung also has £200 off the price - meaning you could save an enormous £1,459 on your new Samsung tv with TOTUM!

Samsung tvs also come with finance plans, so you can spread the payments out rather than having to pay in full upfront.

If you are considering buying a new TV it’s definitely worth checking out the deals as you could genuinely save a lot of money, and don’t forget to check out all of Samsung’s other deals on TOTUM too - from the Galaxy Watch6 series to laptops, to the new Galaxy S24 smartphone series, you can save big on your tech with TOTUM and Samsung

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