How To Save 15% On The Samsung Galaxy S24 & Why You Should Get The New Smartphone

Wondering whether you should get the new Galaxy S24 smartphone? Here are all the benefits AND how you can save 15% when you pre-order for a limited time only...

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Samsung has officially unveiled its three new flagship phones - the S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra - and it’s fair to say the brand new series does not disappoint…  

The trailblazer in the realm of smartphones has once again raised the bar with its latest release - which officially launches on 31st January - and you’ll be thrilled to hear you can make huge savings when you preorder the S24 with your TOTUM discount

For a limited time only, you can get a whopping 15% off the S24 and the S24 Ultra, meaning you can save between £119 to £128 on the S24 model and between £187 to £232 on the S24 Ultra depending on which storage size you opt for. 


But if you’re wondering why exactly you should invest in the S24 series, here’s all the persuading you’ll need… 

What are the benefits of the Samsung Galaxy S24?

AI Technology

Packed with cutting-edge features and innovations, the Galaxy S24 promises to redefine the smartphone experience. 

With mindblowing AI technology, the S24 series is like having the ultimate, multilingual PA right there in your pocket, helping you to save time on everything from live language translations when you make a phone call - allowing for two-way real-time translation in different languages - Chat Assist for when you’re looking for a better way to say something, Photo Assist to make expert edits such as removing unwanted objects from photos, and so much more. 

Revolutionary Display 


At the heart of the Galaxy S24 is its revolutionary display technology, with the smartphone boasting a state-of-the-art Dynamic AMOLED panel, offering users an immersive visual experience with vibrant colours, deep blacks and an astonishing level of detail. The display supports an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring silky-smooth animations and responsiveness.

So whether you're streaming content, playing games or simply browsing, the Galaxy S24's display elevates the overall viewing experience to new heights.

Powerful Performance


On the subject of gaming, the Galaxy S24 boasts a powerhouse of a processor, delivering unparalleled performance. Equipped with the latest Snapdragon or Exynos processors depending on the model you go for, the smartphones are able to effortlessly handle multitasking, demanding applications and graphically intensive games - so for all you gamers out there, this is the smartphone for you!

The improved efficiency also ensures a longer battery life, meaning it’s great for those busy, on-the-go lifestyles. 

Incredible Camera Quality


The S24 features a pro-grade camera system that takes smartphone photography to new heights. With high quality lenses, incredible low-light capabilities and enhanced zoom functionalities, the S24 captures super-bright, crisp images, even after dark.

The S24 Ultra further pushes the boundaries of smartphone photography, with an epic 200 MP main camera that manages to capture what your eyes see in pin-sharp resolution and offers 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x optical zoom. 

So if capturing high quality images is important to you (think of all that glorious content for your socials!) don’t sleep on the S24 series. 

How to save money on the Galaxy S24

If unbeatable camera quality, smooth performance, long lasting battery life and incredible AI capabilities sounds exactly what you need in your next smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is the one for you. 

The base models actually work out a little cheaper than last year’s S23 devices, with the three new S24 devices - the S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra - costing £799, £999 and £1,249 respectively. But this is by no means a cheap purchase, so why not make some big savings with TOTUM?

For four days only, you can save 15% when you pre-order the new Galaxy S24 (which officially releases on 31st January 2024) AND you can get a free Galaxy Watch6 worth £289 when you purchase from Samsung Student and Youth Store by 25th January 2024. 

You can also check out TOTUM's other incredible discounts from Samsung, as well as our range of discounted mobile phone deals from the likes of O2, EE, Three and more!

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