All The New Travel Rules You Need To Know About In 2024

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With the new year now underway, the weather well and truly putting a dampener on things, and loads of travel deals popping up left, right and centre, a lot of people are already setting their sights on their 2024 summer holiday.

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While the holiday itself is of course something to start getting excited about from day one, it’s fair to say the actual getting there bit is less thrilling…

So to avoid any unnecessary stress when you’re travelling you better be prepared for a few changes that have come into play for UK citizens travelling this year.

Here’s what you need to be aware of…

100ml liquid rule in airports


So this is actually a pretty positive one. In December 2022, the Government ruled that it would be upping the restriction of allowing just 100ml of liquids in people's hand luggage. It's one of the most frustrating things about traveling by plane, but at two U.K. airports it is no longer necessary to follow the rule that all liquids must be in containers less than 100ml - and like an increasing number of airports around the world, all other U.K. airports will follow, with a deadline of June 2024.

Increased tourist tax in several popular locations


Probably less positive, a number of places are increasing their rates of tourism tax including Barcelona where the tax will be increased, and neighbouring city Valencia where they will bring in a tourism tax for the first time.

Venice is also beginning to charge holiday-makers who are visiting the city for the day while Amsterdam is hiking its tourism tax to 12.5%,  making it the highest tourist tax in Europe.

Iceland are also expected to implement a new tax at some point this year, with the figure yet to be determined.

Expiry date on your passport


An important one so you don’t end up disappointed, be sure to check that the expiry date on your passport is valid for when you’re travelling! 

If you're travelling to Europe, your passport issue date now has to be less than 10 years before the day of arrival in the EU and your passport expiry date must be at least three months after your intended day of departure (thanks Brexit).

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For trips to the US, the country requires that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the proposed stay in the States.

If your passport is damaged, both the US and EU recommend obtaining a new one before applying for any visas to ‘avoid any delay in the processing of your application’.

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