Most Haunted Places In England To Visit This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, here are some of the most haunted places in England that you can visit this spooky season...

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Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, and what better way to celebrate spooky season than by visiting some of the most haunted places in England?!

If you’re looking for a cheap, fun getaway this Halloween, why not visit one of these spooky destinations to fully embrace the festivities?

England has plenty of eerie and (allegedly) haunted locations - from ancient castles to abandoned asylums. Here are just a few of the most haunted places you can visit this Halloween… 

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Pendle Hill, Lancashire


Pendle Hill is synonymous with the infamous Pendle Witch Trials of 1612, when ten innocent people were convicted and hanged for Witchcraft. To this day, it is widely believed that the spirits of the accused witches continue to haunt the area, with Pendle Hill having featured on the hit British paranormal reality TV show Most Haunted. 

If you fancy finding out just how haunted Pendle Hill is for yourself, you’ll find plenty of hotels, Airbnbs and holiday rentals in the area and can even keep an eye out for overnight ghost hunts! 

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland 


Ready to explore a place boasting some of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the country? Chillingham Castle is the perfect location for fans of the occult, with this stunning medieval fortress allegedly home to a plethora of spirits including the famous ‘Blue Boy’ and the ‘Torturer’. 

According to legend, the Blue Boy made his appearances at the strike of midnight, with sounds of a child in pain accompanying his appearances… 

Sounds pretty creepy to us. 

Pluckley Village, Kent 


If a trip down south is on the agenda, Pluckley Village in Kent is reputed to be the most haunted village in Britain. 

Here you can visit St Nicholas Church where numerous ghostly sightings have been reported, including the restless spirit of the Red Lady who is said to roam the graveyard. 

On Sunday 29th October, there will be a spooky walk around the village and the nearby Dering Woods, where you can hear all about the ghouls that are said to haunt the area. 

Blickling Hall, Norwich


Another location considered one of the most haunted places in England, Blickling Hall is home to one of Britain's most famous ghosts - Anne Boleyn. Famously beheaded on the orders of Henry VIII, she is said to haunt the Jacobean mansion in her white, blood-stained dress whilst carrying her severed head…

So maybe not one for the faint-hearted! 

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire 


Built in 1145 on top of two ancient Ley Lines believed to draw spiritual energy directly from Stonehenge, the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire is notorious for its malevolent spirits, including a spectral monk and a witch who met her demise in a terrifying manner. 

Brave visitors can book a tour to learn about the chilling history and potentially witness unexplained phenomena.

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond


Like Blickling Hall, Hampton Court Palace is another location believed to be tormented by the wives of Henry VIII. Visitors have reported seeing the ghosts of Jane Seymour - who is said to appear on her son’s birthday - and Catherine Howard. 

In 2003, the pair were reportedly joined by a new spirit - the ‘Skeletor’ - who was caught on CCTV opening a door but then disappearing without a trace…

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon 


Last but not least, Berry Pomeroy Castle is another reported to be one of the most haunted places in England. The fifteenth century ruin was abandoned centuries ago and has a number of chilling tales attached to it. 

Legends of the White Lady and the Blue Lady ghosts, both associated with tragic stories of love and betrayal, have made this castle a must-visit for ghost hunters. 

With plenty of haunted places to visit in England this Halloween, it’s easier than ever to embark on an eerie, supernatural adventure that will send chills down your spine… 

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Happy ghost-hunting!

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