Milky Way Crispy Rolls Have Been Discontinued

The much-loved Mars chocolate bar has been discontinued, with fans setting up petitions in a bid to force the company to reconsider.

Written byHolly Barrow
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In some truly tragic news, Mars has confirmed its beloved Milky Way Crispy Rolls are no more, with fans of the iconic chocolate bar left distraught when a spokesperson from the company announced they were now 'in a galaxy far, far away'.

Lovers of the chocolatey-wafery-creamy chocolate bar were heartbroken to discover the tasty treat was no longer being stocked in shops, leading many to kick up a fuss online and demand some answers from the chocolate manufacturer.

But sadly, fans didn't get the answer they hoped for, instead being informed that Milky Way Crispy Rolls have officially been discontinued.


Speaking to LADBible, a spokesperson from Mars Wrigley UK explained: "While Milky Way Crispy Rolls are currently in a galaxy far, far away we're pleased to offer many delicious alternatives such as Milky Way Magic Stars, Maltesers, Mars and of course, the traditional Milky Way.

"The love for Milky Way Crispy Rolls has been out of this world and we've certainly taken note!"

But, despite the company's best efforts, Crispy Roll enthusiasts are seemingly refusing to accept the news without putting up a fight first, with a petition now circulating to demand a re-evaluation of the devastating decision to discontinue the product.


Amassing almost 2,300 signatures since it was published yesterday, the petition reads: "The Milky Way Crispy Rolls are a beloved chocolate product that is produced by Mars UK which is also known as Mars Wrigley UK. 

"Many people might have noticed that this product hasn’t been sold in shops or online shops because it has been discontinued, which is very disappointing. This product is a very popular product which many people love and it is a nice low calorie snack. This product has been around for quite some time and it’s disappointing that after all that time Mars Chocolate has discontinued it from there product range.

"I for one would choose the Milky Way Crispy Rolls over other Mars Chocolate products. For example I would rather have a Milky Way Crispy Roll rather than a Milky Way and I’m sure many other people think the same!

"I know that some products are discontinued because they are not as popular as other products, however I don’t think this is the case. [...] This is a product that I really enjoyed buying and I want people to sign this petition so that we can hopefully get this product in production again."


Some signatories provided their reasons for signing the petition, with one writing: "I love Crispy Rolls. Mars already ruined my childhood by discontinuing Mars Planets, I implore them not to do it again with Crispy Rolls".

Another begged: "Why oh why take these off our shelves. They're so tasty. Don't do it."

The same devastation can be seen across social media, too, with one Twitter user writing: "Woke up to see apparently milky way crispy rolls have been discontinued??! Week ruined nobody talk to me".

If the company sticks to its guns, it seems Mars will have some making up to do...

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