People Are Raving About This Spaghetti Bolognese Garlic Bread Recipe

A spaghetti bolognese garlic bread recipe has gone viral and people can't get enough...

Written byHolly Barrow
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If you're a fan of the classic, wholesome dish that is spaghetti bolognese, you'll either be disgusted or in awe of the latest recipe to go viral on social media...

Bolognese is typically paired with spaghetti - hence the name - but what if we told you it could be served on top of a crunchy garlic bread baguette?

People are now making bolognese garlic bread baguettes on TikTok, and we have to admit they look incredible.


Loaded nachos and loaded fries are one thing, but loaded garlic bread is on a whole new level.

The TikTok account @foodmadesimple recently posted a quick tutorial showing how to cook up this delicious spin on the traditional Italian dish and the internet is going wild for it.

It's not hard to see why, either. Why have garlic bread as a mere side with your spaghetti bolognese when you can make it the star of the show?

To start off, the TikTok user gets one garlic bread baguette and uses a rolling pin to gently prise open the individual slices.


Next, they coat the baguette in an even, thick layer of bolognese - the classic meaty sauce that we all know and love, which consists of ground meat (beef or pork) slow cooked with onions, carrots, celery and tomatoes - and topped with a huge mound of grated cheese.

They then pop the loaded baguette into the oven, leaving it for approximately 15-20 minutes or until the cheese is bubbling and golden brown in colour.

The result is mouthwatering. The video is flooded with comments from fellow TikTokers who have given the recipe a go, with the vast majority giving their approval.

One user wrote: "This one is genius", while another said: "You just ruined my first day of diet, this is gonna be so worth it".

Another user suggested a way to take the recipe even further, commenting: "Cut that garlic bread in half lengthways and chuck some hotdogs in the middle. Then chilli and cheese".

A fourth tagged their friend and said: "Gonna try this one tonight, you should give it a go!".

We can't wait to put this one to the test...

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