People Born In April Are The Sexiest According To New Research

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Written byBen Hayward
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A new study has revealed that people born in April are the sexiest - and having a birthday in April myself, I’m obviously completely sold on the theory… 

Researchers at FROM MARS have revealed the months of the year as well as the star signs that produce the 'sexiest' people out there.  

Now, obviously how attractive someone is is an incredibly subjective topic, so how on earth have they come to this conclusion? Well, it’s based on '500 of the world's sexiest celebrities'.


FROM MARS have taken lists of the sexiest male celebrities and sexiest female celebrities from Ranker and then taken their birthdays and star signs to separate them out. 

Then all they do is work out which month most of the birthdays fall in, and there you have your sexiest birth month. It may not be the most scientific approach, but when it works out in your favour you gotta run with it right!?

So, if you’re wondering where on the scale your birth month ranks, here’s the full list: 

  1. April - 60 celebs

  2. August - 51 celebs

  3. February - 49 celebs

  4. December - 47 celebs

  5. September - 44 celebs

  6. March - 42 celebs

  7. October - 41 celebs

  8. November - 39 celebs

  9. January - 35 celebs

  10. May - 33 celebs

  11. July - 30 celebs

  12. June - 29 celebs


April is actually pretty far out in front, with 60 of the world’s sexiest celebs having their birthdays that month, putting it nine clear of second placed August with 51.

So, who are we talking? Well, celebrities with April birthdays include Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, Sam Heughan, Paul Rudd, Robert Downey Jr, Ana de Armas and Saoirse Ronan - a pretty sexy list right there. 

Second placed August boasts the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Halle Berry and Blake Lively, while in third place, February features the striking figures of Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan and Rihanna.

At the other end of the sexy scale we’ve got May, July and June, with 33, 30 and 29 sexy celebrity birthdays respectively. However, with world’s sexiest man (according to Ranker) Johnny Depp, the ageless Liz Hurley and Captain America himself Chris Evans all having June birthdays, it’s not all doom and gloom down there… 


But is there actually anything behind all this? Astrologer, Molly Hall writes: “When it comes to sex and romance, Aries are sexy, because they project big confidence, even if they don't feel it inside. 

“In a world of conformity, the Ram does his or her own thing. Aries is a doer, not a talker, and this inspires respect and can be a big attractant for some.”

So there you have it - even if you’re not feeling sexy, just project and as with most things, fake it til you make it! 

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